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Romanian Police charge German Citizen with child sex

Romanian Police charge German Citizen with child sex

Bucharest / Romania (RNC Agency) 08.10.1996

Romanian police have charged a German citizen with having unlawfulsex with two underage boys, a senior official said on Tuesday, the Balkan country's first such prosecution of a foreigner. Ioan Arsenie, police chief in western Hunedoara county, identified the accused as Silvio Berge, 31, and said he had been detained latelast month following statements by the child's father, an ethnic Rom ( Gypsy ).``He is in police custody pending trial,`` Arsenie said by telephone. If convicted, Berge faces a jail sentence of up to seven years asset down in a recently adopted penal code. A puritanical moral codeimposed under Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu was abruptly dismantled after the December 1989 revolt that overthrew him. Pornography, child prostitution and trafficking in minors now make routine headlines in Romanian media. Berge, from the German town of Offenbach, entered Romania on August 25 as a tourist, Arsenie said. He was arrested during an investigation into a theft he had reported to police.``When Berge complained that a Roma man he had visited had stolen his money, we wondered what possible connection there could be between the two,`` Arsenie said. He said investigators were checking with Bucharest police to determine whether any other children were involved.